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Iconic Timber Floor Sanding Pty Ltd has been offering quality types of assistance for clients across Melbourne. Iconic Timber Floor Sanding has fulfilled our clients’ dreams and expectation by giving a lot of craftmanship, aesthetic, quality work and administrations. Despite what you need as wood flooring plans, Iconic Timber Floor Sanding can help. Call us on 0473 837 777


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100% best quality service in domestic and commercial Timber Flooring.

Iconic Timber Floor Sanding can help. Nothing masterminds a room like a stunning timber floor. It adds elegance and class to any space will regardless be sparkling after various extensive stretches of use. With Iconic Timber Floor Sanding you additionally can deal with the expense of a timber floor

10 year experience in the relevant industry. Hold Construction White Card and Yellow Card. Quality products and work available. Specialised and experienced people available. Iconic Timber Floor Sanding is a flooring company specialising in timber flooring, laminated, parquetry, cork, floor coverings, floating floors and floorboards. We offer a complete solution from supply to installation for our valued clients in Melbourne. We also specialise in the sanding and finishing of new and existing timber flooring and the supply and installation of carpet, vinyl and Epoxy Floors for the commercial sector.

We are a family owned and operated business with over 10 years experience in the flooring industry. We pride ourselves on offering quality products with exceptional customer service every step of the way. From start to finish we take your floors very seriously. Add the beauty of timber flooring to transform your home today. Talk to our friendly, experienced flooring specialists to discuss how we can help.

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  • What is a pre-finished wooden floorboard?
    A pre-finished timber floor is when the floor board has already been sanded, sealed and is ready to be laid. This is very advantageous for getting new floors laid quickly without having to coat inside your home.

    Pre-finished floor installations can be done in just days and walked on instantly.
  • What does cupping mean with timber floor?
    Cupping is a serious structural defect which can occur in all wooden and bamboo floors which is caused by excess moisture content or in the case of compressed bamboo it manifests as a result of the release of stored compression energy in the board. This is an industry wide problem and may be solved by sanding and polishing the surface of the boards after which the problem may not re-occur. All our Timber Flooring manufactured with Stabilised Solid cross engineered technology which eliminates this problem and we back it up with a lifetime warranty.
  • What is a cross laminated timber floorboard?
    A cross laminated floorboard is a manufacturing method where the grain direction of the centre lamination is at right angles to the grain direction of the top and bottom lamination. It is used to strengthen the boards resistance to cupping and movement by reinforcing the centre lamination and opposing the natural forces that cause timber and bamboo products to move under stress or environmental changes.
  • How long until I can walk on my new floorboards after installation?
    If you are getting a pre-finished timber floor you will be able to walk on your floor immediately after the installation is complete. If you are installing raw timber flooring, you will need to leave the house while the floor is being polished and the curing process is taking place. This can take up to 5 days.
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Our most popular services


Sub-floor preparation

Concrete leveling is the process of using concrete grinders to reduce the size of humps in concrete slabs and a levelling compound to fill

Direct-stick installation of flooring

A direct stick floor is a common way to install a timber floor by gluing each individual floorboard directly to the concrete substrate

Design, custom-made and overlay staircases

Staircases are often taken for granted, however having a stylish staircase is a great addition to enhance your home’s beauty.

Restoration of existing timber flooring

You may think you need to replace the whole floor, if the boards are in poor condition, but let us advise you, it’s possible

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Consider this selection a compelling argument for comfort zones. Because there’s nothing better than feeling utterly at ease in your own environment, and these premium European Oak floors are the perfect excuse to stay exactly where you are.

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With Iconic Timber Floor Sanding you additionally can deal with the expense of a timber floor, it’s as of now less difficult than at some other opportunity to get the wooden deck you had consistently needed


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